Riding Lessons at Bramblewood


Lessons: The Bramblewood Difference

Lessons at Bramblewood are organized into several tiers:

  • Traditional weekly (or more frequent) lessons for beginner to advanced riders mounted on Bramblewood school horses. Lessons are the heart of the Bramblewood program and run throughout the day Tuesday through Sunday. Our professional instructors offer tutelage in both English and Western styles.
  • Individual sessions for riders with their own horses, whether they be boarded with us, trailered in, or working in conjunction with a training package.
  • Unmounted workshops geared toward the beginner adult who wishes to explore life skills with the horse as teacher and confidant, in a safe, creative environment.
  • Clinics focusing on classical horsemanship as a foundation for every discipline, dressage in its purest form, either at Bramblewood or locations throughout the southeast and beyond.

Classical horsemanship is the heart of the Bramblewood Riding Program. We want you to be a true partner with your horse, being sensitive to the horse's needs, progressing through the training scale with empathy and understanding. We like to remind riders that they are training when they're doing nothing more complicated than walking or leading their horse to the ring. Classical horsemanship makes better jumpers, better students, and is beneficial to all disciplines.  When we use the word "dressage" we understand it in it's literal form which is "training."

Hunt seat lessons at Bramblewood are taught by ARIA certified instructors Kimberly Carter and Rachel Lecture. Our style of teaching is systematic with an emphasis on correct flat work leading to jumping. Students of all ages and abilities are welcomed. From your first ride you will find our program is a haven where all students are equal and where each is given the chance to become a knowledgeable and complete rider - from the barn to the ring to the field.

Classical horsemanship transcends the boundaries of disciplines.  To promote this, Bramblewood now offers lessons in various Western styles as a compliment to our traditional English riding program.  

Lessons at Bramblewood are fun - whether you're a child or a seasoned pro. The mood in the ring is lighthearted but our emphasis is on safety first and foremost. Riding is hard work, but each building block leads our riders up through the levels as they gain a complete understanding of their own physiology and a greater sense of the world around them. Our school horses are our greatest teachers.

So whether you're a parent looking for a knowledgeable and safe environment for your child to explore the world of horses, a seasoned rider looking for an alternative to the sometimes grueling world of dressage and hunters, or a beginning adult rider looking to fulfill a lifelong dream - come visit our horses and watch a lesson.

Lessons are offered in hour and half-hour segments throughout the day, Tuesday through Sunday. Make-up lessons can be scheduled on Sundays and Mondays. Most of our riders remain in private or semi-private lessons. Group lessons are reserved for our advanced jumping riders who are able to organize their own warm-ups.